Friday, 11 April 2014

The Calls -Leeds

The Calls - Leeds

It was a right dump afore,
ye know
rough end o’ town,
wi’ all they dregs,
drunkards an’ the like.
Not now.

Oh no.

T’soots been cleaned off
an’ all mucks gone.
Tha’s safe to walk
anywhere down there.
Theys some grand flats,
‘Longside Wharf ’, that’s it.
Ramblin roses, geraniums in pots…
… pride in’t place,
wrought iron, painted blue,
on every balcony.


An on t’other side,
O’ canal ye’ll see
Reet neat ‘ouses.


An’ a fountain.
in’t midst of it all.
All t’water shoots,
up inter t’air,
like rainbows.
Round t’ corner ,
Pubs ‘ve gone.
No pie, no peas,
or black puddin’,
or the likes of what yer
used to get.


No, It’s yer Sparrer’s Wharf,
wi’ yer ‘Ereford  Steakburger’,
an  ‘Taglia-telly’
an what ‘ave yer.



It’s grand.

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