Tuesday, 22 April 2014

St George

 St George

St George, a gallant. A dragon slayer.

Knight of the realm. His shield and crest a cross of red

on white, signifying a  virgin's purity of heart,

(defence enough against any sinful act or enemy of good).

My country's great defender of damsels and young loyal lads.

A royal favourite, supping at top table with the Queen's ladies;

riding with the King  on a snorting white charger

Through an oak filled forest canopied in green.

And as a school girl,  I glued the paper cross with pride

onto a cardboard cut-out of a shield. I held the crest

and wooden sword in belief that  George and Good

and English Pluck could kill the dragons

of my land; protect the children, poor, and weak,

against  evil. And give me strength to fight.

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