Monday, 21 April 2014

Eccup Reservoir

Eccup Reservoir

The roads were clear,
until the last junction,
where traffic stopped
He sulked.
“The car will overheat,
it will not function.
A Ford Cortina Mark 1
needs coddling.”

We turned  to go.
To Eccup Reservoir
where I had walked,
two years ago
by the edge of the water
in the hot July sun.

We zipped down country lanes,
asked ladies in brogue shoes,
Found nothing but an empty road,
which he said was boring…
nearly stamped his feet in rage.
(Thinking of his Classic Cars).
I said, “We can’t go home,
it’s three o’ clock,
the sun is out and you’ll just moan.
try that way.”

We stopped at a lay by.
A sign signaled footpath.
Up we trekked
his face grim,
but the sun fell softly
between the sycamores and oaks
dappling his face
with light.

He rallied round.

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