Monday, 31 March 2014


  1. Your background image is beautiful. Hazel?
    Good luck with the poems.Hope you enjoy writing them.

  2. not hazel...but thank you for your kind words

  3. Beech?
    In your garden maybe?

  4. Just realized you were asking about the tree. I thought you thought my name was Hazel. He he.

  5. Beech doesn't sound like much of a name :-)
    Holly would work, or Willow..
    Well, you're stuck with Kate.
    Anyways, the mysterious leaves have disappeared I notice. I'm now thinking it was lime tree or Linden. You kept the same great colour green. BTW, feel free to sling my comments after reading, if they annoy you.
    I like the freedom and pace of your poems. Still, Ilm committed to sonnets this month. I reckon you don't care much for rhyme and metre and Byron reincarnations. I've only just discovered him and will go for the Spenserian stanza next month.
    Please scrap my chat.